Cee Knowledge and The Cosmic Funk Orchestra

Photo: Laura DeSantis Olsen
Photo: Laura DeSantis Olsen

Photo: Laura DeSantis Olsen


Cee Knowledge & The Cosmic Funk Orchestra is a Philly-based funk and hip-hop group lead by its namesake, Cee Know the 'Doodlebug' of the Grammy award winning jazz-influenced rap group Digable Planets.  This collective of seasoned veteran musicians has come together to bring their head nodding rock energy to their legendary frontman's jazzy rap flow for audiences around the world since the band's creation in 2000.

Their new album, "To Life, Love, Loot" is set to officially release in the Summer of 2014.  This eclectic album of brand new recordings, which they spent over 4 years crafting together, was self-produced by Cee and his band members using traditional live band recording studio techniques; rather than the drum machines and sampled loops that are the mainstays of most mainstream rap music production today.


cee knowledge
Photo: Zamani Feelings

Cee Knowledge (aka Doodlebug)- lead vocals

Doodlebug is a core member of Digable Planets whose fusion of jazz and hip hop has made an indelible imprint on the genre. The group's hit single, "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)," in 1994 became a crossover hit, peaking at #15 on Billboard magazine's singles chart, earning gold certification by the RIAA, and winning the Grammy award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.

Cee Know is a father, husband and musical director of his band, The CFO.

Reach out to Cee Know the Doodlebug via his Facebook Fan Page or his Twitter @ceeknowledge

Kai Chi aka Flosama Been Rhymin
Photo: Laura DeSantis Olsen

Kai Chi (aka Flosama Been Rhymin)- vocals

Hit up Chi on Twitter @kai_chi  

Photo: Wei-Wei Weintraub

Gary Dann (aka the iron lion of zion)- drums

Gary has been playing drums for CFO since 2008 and working with Cee in The studio since 2005. He is a drummer, audio engineer, multimedia producer and founder of The Boom Room, a recording studio in Philadelphia. Dann has toured internationally and has played drums on stage and/or in the studio for Digable Planets, Jaguar Wright, Camp Lo, and Gemini Wolf.  Dann also co-founded the duos Fraction Theory and Advanced Mechanisms with fellow CFO comrades Nex Millen and Adam Charlton respectively.

Hit up Gary on Soundcloud or Twitter or Facebook

adam charlton 12
Photo: Gustav

Adam Charlton (aka "12")- guitars

Adam "12" Charlton began playing with CFO in 2008. During those years he has worked with the band on various studio projects and has been their lead guitarist for shows both at home and on the road.  

Mitch Beer Bass Player

Mitch Beer (aka professor of the low end theories)- bass

Mitch has been playing bass live and on recordings with CFO since 2008. He has alsoperformed and recorded with numerous other artists in varying styles. Some of his past and present projects include: Digable Planets, BAM!, AshleyLeone, Ju-Taun, Mike Maguire, 61 North, and the Killer Beez. Mitch also loves talking and teaching Bass, and in 2012 guest lectured at the University of Delaware on Bass and Music Education.

hit up Mitch on Twitter @mitchbeer and on his Facebook fan page

Nex Millen with Cee Knowledge and The Cosmic Funk Orchestra
Photo: Tag Your Pix

Nex Millen- turntables/serato/percussion

Nex Millen is one of Hip Hop Culture foremost renaissance men. Truly developing his love for the art of DJing, Music Production, and MCing into more than a decade long music career, He definitely fits in a category along side champions like Pete Rock, Diamond D, Nottz, Madlib and J-Dilla. Nex Millen's musical approach is raw, simple and to the point. Funky but Soulful and Melodic. Reminiscent of your favorite song of all time. Lyrically  Nex Millen is smooth and mellow with a classic Hip Hop feel. You can tell he speaks from the heart and promotes a positive solution in his songs. When Nex Millen creates musical soundscapes his mind amazes, the way he Chops and Loops. Songs are thoughtfully laid out and always accompanied by a banging rhythm and drum section James Brown would say is "to serious"! His DJ technique shines above all. Record selection is what makes a great DJ and Nex Millen has it. Hands down! Cuts and Scratches are one of a kind. Adding enough flavor to bring the missing art form back to the forefront of Hip Hop music. Overall Nex Millen holds his own whether it be solo or collaboration. He doesn't just practice the culture as a way of life. He is Hip Hop Culture past, present and future.

hit up Nex on Twitter @nexmillen and on his Reverbnation page